In 1998 the Suarez family founded Herrajes Nesu SL, a company focused on decorative hardware. The company has been involved in manufacturing hardware articles since 1965.

Handles, Hooks & Hangers, furniture legs & accessories. We design and produce our products in Spain following the European Union regulations to help to protect the environment.

We have the PEFC certificate that guarantees that the wood used in our products, comes from a controled and sustainable source where we can check its origen at any time of the production process.

Taking care of the environment by sustainable manufacturing.


· Innovate products

· Our own and unique designs

· Care for customer service

· Excellent service


· DIY chains

· Wholesalers for furniture fittings

· Hardware stores and specialized shops

· Furniture manufacturers

· Distributors and international partners



Design of new models

3D printing of prototypes

Mould manufacturing

Search of trends and tendencies


Zamak and ABS injection

Mechanised wood and methacrylate

Laser cut wood and methacrylate

Casted porcelain

Pressed ceramics


Liquid and powder paint

Galvanic bath

Piece treatment: dropping, drilling, vibrating


Laser engraving


We offer a very defined product presentation divided by families and trends. We have various types of packaging according to the needs of the client.

We dispose of different kinds of display cases and promotion material to strengthen the sales point.

Our advanced technology permits a custom-made virtual vision of how your product choice would look like in your shops.


Furniture and sales stand

Displays and exposition case


Herrajes Nesu S.L. has the help of the European Union. At the beginning of 2017 we developed an export plan detailing our objectives. Here we describe what actions we are going to take to achieve continuous growth in the world market: advertising, promotional material and website improvements, participation in international fairs, hiring qualified staff, travel planning to attract new customers and consolidate existing markets. At the end of the year we analyse the results obtained and present the details of this internationalization project to IVACE. We are proud of the results: we continue to grow every year and we have more and more export sales in more different countries.

Aid obtained from the FEDER funds for the year 2017: € 4,898.40

In 2018 Herrajes Nesu S.L. has obtained assistance from the FEDER funds thanks to the subsidisation: Monitoring and execution plans of the Internationalization Tutoring programs for SMEs in the Valencia Community. We have participated in the Digital Marketing Tutoring program to improve our website and adapt it to international criteria.

We have described and justified the expenses of the following concepts:
– Promotional actions abroad with the participation in the Eisenwarenmesse 2018 fair in Cologne, Germany.
– Advertising in foreign media
– Promotional material such as brochures, displays, catalogues, ..
– Travel expenses and accommodation of the company’s Export team.

AID SUPPORT COMPANIES FOLLOW-UP TUTORIES 2018: amount achieved: € 17,746.25

In 2019 Herrajes Nesu S.L. has submitted its request for assistance from the FEDER funds with the concept: Monitoring and execution plans for the Internationalization Tutoring programs for SMEs in the Valencian community. The application has been approved and we have prepared our 2019 export plan according to the same concepts as the year 2018:
– Promotional actions abroad with participation in the AMBIENTE 2019 fair in Frankfurt, Germany
– Advertising in foreign media
– Promotional material such as promotional displays, general catalogue and catalogue of hangers, brochure novelties 2019 etc.
– Travel and accommodation expenses of the company’s Export team to consolidate existing customers and find new markets

AID SUPPORT COMPANIES FOLLOW-UP TUTORIES 2019: amount achieved: € 20,621.25

Herrajes NESU, S.L. has been selected in the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020 within the “International Business Advice Program” CHECK TUTORIES INTERNATIONALIZATION “promoted by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness, IVACE, exp ITTUTR / 2019/22, for which the Project was carried out: 2020 Internationalization Plan
With a specialized tutor we will work together on the internationalization strategy review for the year 2020.